CEFAIRE presents a program of 6 months taking place in two sessions.
All workshops and meetings are subject of targeted preparation.
Participation in the workshops will be done on line or in person in compliance with COVID19 health measures.
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For a cohort of adults (women and men).

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2° Parcours


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During 3 months, for the most advanced participants

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1st Path

For a period of 3 months

Offrir des outils, des ressources et un réseau pour valider et concrétiser leur idée d’affaires.

Training support

  • – Provide a training support on writing the business plan during 10 workshops . These workshops will be offered to entrepreneurs by IPAG Business School:
    1. Practical cases study to understand entrepreneurial terminology
    2. Coaching from IPAG teachers
  • – Creation of a participants network
  • – Succesful stories conference ; Meetings with inspiring entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs, professors, sector experts and dignitaries
  • – Access to the IPAG business Platform Program
  • – A psychological coaching will be completed by our partners
  • – A telemedicine service will also be offered to accompaign participants.

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Provide a training support on writing the business plan during 10 workshops

2° Path

During 3 months, for the most advanced participants
    1. On going support to develop their prototype before the operationalization and pre-marketing phase, with an entrepreneurship specialist and a financing specialist
    2. Connecting with ecosystem partners depending on the progress of every project
    3. Networking activities: These activities will allow entrepreneurs to expand their business network and meet potential partners
    4. One hour of mentoring with the objective of bringing together a group of experts from different business fields to support entrepreneurs

    Legal support / Sales strategy / HR / Marketing / finance / Corporate financial consulting / Taxation / Branding / Online sales platform / Public relations / Communication / Infographics / Coaching business plan

    • Individual coaching
    • Group coaching
  • A meeting is scheduled at the end of the 6-month program for each entrepreneur, with stakeholders from IPAG, to assess their respective backgrounds. If some participants want to take their project further, they can enroll in the certification program at IPAG Business Scoool


In order to ensure the sustainability of the learners' various projects, post-training monitoring carried out by coordinators is set up.

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