IPAG Business School

The project aims to break
The project also aims to break
The project also aims to break


IPAG Business School, founder of the first Entrepreneurial Center for Training, Integration Support and Research to combat the exclusion of adults who are victims of violence. The first in France in Europe

We also aim

Support and Develop

  1. Support entrepreneurs to acquire the skills necessary for the growth of their business, particularly in terms of digital technology, financial management, their business development and networking.
  2. Develop the feeling of belonging and creation of an inclusive ecosystem

Our actions

Stimulate entrepreneurship with the target audience
Promote entrepreneurship as a career option
Emancipate through entrepreneurship
Increase self-esteem
Train and equip to become an entrepreneur thanks to a training course adapted to the needs

The project also aims to

Lack of mentoring and sponsorship

Culture of incubators and accelerators


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