The SACHA application

A tool to fight against domestic violence






When you are in danger, launch an alert directly via the application or by performing a pre-programmed action (e.g. double-clicking the lock button and shaking the phone). 

An alert with your contact information

An alert with your contact information is sent to your "protective" contacts (that you already choose) and the nearest police station, so that they can intervene as quickly as possible.

Call the emergency services

If the situation allows you, during the alert period, it is possible to call the emergency services directly and give details on the nature of the alert.

SACHA: the reference application for adult and teenagers victims of domestic violence, developed by CEFAIRE

The goal is to provide comprehensive and safe support to help adults and teenagers who are threatened by, are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence. The application allows to instantly alert law enforcement agencies and their relatives with an optimized discretion device.

SACHA also provides centralized access to consult help resources, contact and locate support structures and access to state services; as well as access to support and training services offered by the CEFAIRE entrepreneurship center.


As soon as you launch an alert, your protectors receive a text message
[GPS position] in real time
With the application, your protectors will be able to listen to the live audio and follow you [GPS position] in real time to be aware of the evolution of the situation. Your GPS position is simultaneously transmitted to the authorities so that the intervention can be jointly organized.


The application centralizes all resources to connect you with institutions and associations that will be able to help you, or simply to inform you about different situations:

  • Help services
  • Advice sheets and articles
  • Redirection to official reporting and specialized chat platforms
An interactive map

In addition to being adapted to your profile thanks to an algorithm, these resources are geolocalized and therefore sorted according to your region. You will be able to find them on an interactive map

For those wishing to access CEFAIRE's services, a direct contact form will be available; entrepreneurship can be a means of emancipation, regaining autonomy and self-confidence for many victims.


To accompany you in legal proceedings, the application records the audio activated when the alert is launched. If the situation permits, you can take photos and videos via the application. This personal data is protected, and will be automatically transferred to a digital safe. The files are then deleted from your phone, and optimally secured on blockchain and encrypted server.

These files can be consulted by the judicial authorities when they make a request [to SACHA] after receiving a complaint.